A new breed of hot dog

Howler NZMade 170810

Howler Hotdogs are a new breed of hotdog. They’ll evoke all the memories of a day at the A&P Show, but be prepared for a twist on this old time favourite with Vegan and Gluten Free Hotdogs that everyone will enjoy.

Super convenient – 15mins from freezer to table

Howler OvenBakeEasy 170810

We’ve taken hotdogs back to how they used to be, a great tasting meaty sausage and coated it in a crispy hotdog batter designed to be baked not fried; they take just 15 mins from freezer to table. Perfect for a busy mid-week or lazy weekend meal.
Be sure to keep some on hand in the freezer!

So many uses…

Howler LetsGetCooking 170810

We’d love to hear how you use yours, but here’s some of the ways we know others use Howler Hotdogs…

  • To fill the gap between school and after school sports or ballet (great on the go in the car as there’s no crumbs!)
  • Play date snacks
  • Birthday parties aren’t complete without them
  • When mum knows the babysitter can’t cook
  • A TV snack while watching the big game
  • Heated and put in a thermos for an easy snack on the skifield

Howler AllTheFunofTheFair 170810